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CKD Corporation

You can find a list of the CKD Corporation products we supply below. For further help or information, or to order a product, please call us on 0191 5214140 or email sales@airlane.co.uk

Automation Technology for the Future

At Airlane, we found the CKD Corporation products relatively recently, being impressed with, initially, the concept and configuration of each product line.  Further scrutiny and experience showed that the product range is of very high quality; borne out with the number of different environments we have installed the CKD parts.  Each range also has several unique design features that give us the confidence when specifying this kit, that we will improve any process our customer has.

Labour-saving Components

“Higher precision, faster operation and lower costs.” CKD value this continuous theme.  They have created labour-saving components reflecting this. They base their product development on the needs of the customer. The product program includes “Index Units,” “Direct Drive Motors” & “Pick and Place Units”.

Pneumatic Control Components

CKD’s pneumatic control components control the flow of air used to drive control valves and pneumatic actuators.  CKD’s development incorporates “air pressure technology” to promote practical environmental protection and energy-savings. CKD will pioneer new technology when developing new products to meet market needs.

Drive Components

Used in a wide range of industries CKD’s drive components, such as pneumatic cylinders and electromotive actuators, enable economical automation.

Pneumatic Auxiliary Components

With the manufacturing industry demanding higher standards for compressed air quality from products that have high flow rate, high cleanliness, low noise and efficient energy-saving CKD is expanding their development and manufacture of clean air systems and pneumatic auxiliary components.  CKD have so far developed “FRL Units” and “Refrigerated Air Dryers” (Zero Aqua G Series) with a zero coefficient of ozone disruption.

 Fine System Components

The electronics industry that produces devices such as semiconductors and liquid crystals has made consistent progress. Factories must have a clean environment for manufacturing, clean manufacturing equipment, and clean devices. We are continuously challenging the difficulties of “ultra-high level process control” and unlimited cleanliness support for an endlessly evolving electronic device industry by providing various equipment used to manufacture semiconductors and liquid crystal devices from the supply systems to the exhaust systems.

 Fluid Control Components

CKD’s core technological field lies in developing units and systems to control and efficiently utilize fluids such as water, air, gas, steam and oil. We have made not only various kinds of valves and unit system components but also environmental protection equipment such as greenery water spray systems, dust collector control systems, gas combustion systems, washing equipment and water treatment systems. Our business fields are expanding without limit.

FRL Units:

Filter Regulators – W*000 Series | PDF

Air Filters – F*000 Series | PDF

Oil Mist Filters – M*000 Series | PDF

Regulators – R*000 Series | PDF

Pressure Exhaust Valves – V*000 Series | PDF

Brackets and Joiners | PDF

Precision Regulators – RP*000 Series | PDF

Precision Regulators – RPE Series | PDF

Digital Pressure Sensors – PPX Series | PDF

Digital Pressure Sensors – PPG-D Series | PDF

Speed Controllers with Dial – DSC Series | PDF

Needle Valves with Dial – DVL Series | PDF

Flow Rate Sensors RAPIDFLOW – FSM2 Series | PDF

Compact Flow Rate Sensors RAPIDFLOW – FSM3 Series | PDF

Small Size Flow Controllers – FCM Series | PDF

Silencers | PDF


CKD Corporation Absodex

Labour-Saving Mechanisms:

Absodex Direct Drive Actuator – AX2000T Series | PDF

Absodex Direct Drive Actuator – AX4000T Series | PDF

Absodex Direct Drive Actuator – AX4000T/AX4000WT Series | PDF

Absodex Direct Drive Actuator – TS/TH Driver Series | PDF

Absodex Direct Drive Actuator – AX6000M Series | PDF

Balancer Unit – BBS Series | PDF

High Polymer Membrane Air Dryer – SD/SU/SDM Series | PDF

Power Arm – PAW Series | PDF

CKD Corporation Cylinders SCM Series

Pneumatic Cylinders:

Medium Bore Cylinders – SCM Series | PDF

Tie Rod Cylinders – SCG Series | PDF

Super Compact Cylinders – SSD2 Series | PDF

Guided Cylinders – STG Series | PDF

Linear Slide Cylinders – LCR Series | PDF

Linear Slide Cylinders – LCG Series | PDF

Fine Speed Rotary Actuators – SFR/SFRT Series | PDF

Fixed Shock Absorbers – NCK Series | PDF

Free Joint – FJ Series | PDF

Compact Cylinders – SMG Series | PDF

Tie Rod Cylinders with Brake – JSG Series | PDF

Rodless Cylinders – SRL3 Series | PDF

Cylinder Switches | PDF

CKD Pneumatic General Purpose Valves ADK

General Purpose Valves:

Compact Pilot Operated Valves for Water – FWD Series | PDF

2-Port Direct Acting Solenoid Valves – AB/GAB Series | PDF

3-Port Direct Acting Solenoid Valves – AG/GAG Series | PDF

2-Port Pilot Kick Solenoid Valves (Diaphragm Drive) – ADK Series | PDF

2-Port Pilot Kick Solenoid Valves (Piston Drive – APK Series | PDF

Manual Switching Valves – HMV/HSV Series | PDF

Pilot Operated Explosion Proof Valves – 4F**0EX | PDF

Pilot Operated Valves – 4GAR/4GBR Series | PDF

Pilot Operated Valves – 4GDR/4GER Series | PDF

Pilot Operated Solenoid Valves – 4GA4/4GB4 Series | PDF

Pilot Operated Solenoid Valves – NP/NAP/NVP Series | PDF