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Pneumatic Circuit Design & Equipment Specification

Airlane Pneumatics provide a pneumatic circuit design service for information and advice on any pneumatic or engineering project. To get Airlane involved in your next project, fill in our contact form here.

Pneumatic circuit control systems range from the very simple manual push button control of, say, a simple clamp to seemingly highly complex, fully automated control of, say, a pick and place machine.

All air circuit types obey the same basic principles and even the most complex circuits are little more than several simple circuits interlinked to operate in a pre-determined sequence.

Understanding fully the desired sequence for your machinery is the key to unlocking the most efficient and reliable control circuit for your application. Airlane offer two different options to help you with the design or upgrade of your next circuit, which are detailed below. To see some of our past pneumatic circuit designs, have a look at the videos on our YouTube channel here.

Machine Survey

Pneumatic Circuit Design

Machine Survey

Involve Airlane when planning production improvements to receive help and advice on: –

  • Health & Safety review.
  • Performance and reliability improvements.
  • Moth-balled plant reconfigured for new application.
  • Replace missing drawings.
  • Update drawings following upgrades and improvements that were not detailed.
  • Identify parts now obsolete or on long lead time and cross reference with alternatives.
  • Used piece of plant bought without manuals.

New Project

Pneumatic Control Circuit Design

New Project

Involve Airlane from the project conception to receive help and advice on: –

  • Control circuit design
  • Suitable products for your application.
  • Help with Health & Safety standards.
  • Help with suitable air quality provision.
  • No more ‘re-inventing the wheel’.
  • Guarantee: – The circuit WILL work.  If not and it’s our fault, we will redesign and provide the components to make it work FREE OF CHARGE!