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Pneumatic Control Panel Design and Build

Airlane’s pneumatic control panel build service designs and assembles to your specification ready for installation. 

Do you have a pneumatic control panel in need of upgrading or a new application you’d like to discuss?

The gallery shows a number of examples of control panels we’ve designed and built over the years.  Some are simple pressure or vacuum control panels, others are more complex 3- and 4-Group Cascade Systems.

Airlane, as part of your design team, offer impartial help on the correct design of your new project. We help with product specification based on suitability, reliability and availability.  If you do have either a machine in need of upgrading or have a new application you’d like to discuss give us a call and we will visit site to discuss your application and supply a full quotation that can include, design, build and installation of your new system.

For more information on our past projects, please visit our case studies page here.

Get in Touch

Please call 0191 521 4140 or email sales@airlane.co.uk to arrange your appointment and discuss your application.

An Airlane control panel is designed with several conditions in mind:

The application environment:
  • Enclosure material includes GRP, Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Solid or transparent doors to view internal indicators
  • External fittings supplied in Plastic, Brass or Stainless steel
  • We can also supply thermostatically-controlled heaters to prevent freezing during the cold winter months 
Clarity of piping
  • We use tubing in up to eight colours for ease of indentification
  • Polyurethane tubing is used as standard due to its flexibility compared to nylon
  • We can, however, use copper, aluminium or stainless steel, depending on the application
Internal wiring
  • All wires numbered clearly
  • All ends include ‘boot lace’ crimped ends
  • DIN rail mounted terminal rails
  • Solenoids can include LED indicators
Ease of access
  • All components are mounted onto the back plate using bolts into drilled and tapped holes. No Loose nuts spinning in the back of the panel
  • Removal and replacement of the components is very simple. No need to dismantle the panel to upgrade one part.
Signage and labelling
  • Basic – Dymo self-adhesive labels
  • Permanent – ‘Traffolite’ Two colour engraved labels
  • ‘Mimic’ Panel – can be supplied with instructions, schematic and additional indication built-in
Air preparation
  • Lockable shut-off valves are mounted externally, preferably
  • Automatic drains on filters are piped externally when mounted inside the cabinet
  • We can install the panel on site either:-
    • Directly to your machine
    • On a wall local to the application
    • Mounted on a purpose built stand
  • We can then run the tubing to the correct actuators or point of use
  • All external tubing is colour-coded the same colour as the internal tubing
  • A laminated, colour-coded copy of the schematic diagram can be provided inside the cabinet
  • A fully-detailed parts list order form can also be included