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Univer Manufacturing

You can find a list of the Univer Manufacturing products we supply below. For further help or information, or to order a product, please call us on 0191 5214140 or email sales@airlane.co.uk

Specialists in Pneumatic Automation

When people ask why we specify Univer Manufacturing products in our projects and up-grades the answer is simple, we are repaying the faith and trust Univer showed over 13 years ago to our fledgling company. When Airlane first started to trade, we had a requirement for a Univer part.  After our initial contact, we held a meeting with Dominic Pix, the MD of Univer Manufacturing. In those early few months, we concentrated on service levels and the all too important sales before spending time and (importantly) money on our new office.  Therefore, when Dominic arrived we had little more than a workshop with three chairs and the all-important kettle with which to impress him. Whatever we said must have worked.  Impressed by our product and application knowledge and our plans for the business Dominic offered us the North East Distributorship for Univer Manufacturing.

“The reason I gave Gary Conlin the North East Univer Distributorship was my belief in his ability to promote and support our product technically. There are many pneumatics companies out there with little technical knowledge relying on catalogues to sell branded products; Gary’s approach was to solve the customer’s problem offering solutions. As a result of our Distributor agreement Airlane Pneumatics limited sales went from strength to strength and I can say this on behalf of everyone here at Univer Manufacturing, Airlane are a pleasure to work with.” – Dominic Pix

Subsequent visits to their site for product and technical training ensued.  This allowed us to gauge both the service levels on offer and the quality of the Univer components and how this could help Airlane flourish. We found Univer Manufacturing products to be exceptionally robust and have replaced many so-called premium brand products that had failed with Univer parts.  We have designed the Univer product into many new applications.  To date we have had zero defects or warranty returned items. We have no hesitation in recommending Univer Manufacturing, their products and service as either replacement alternatives to premium brands or designed and specified into new designs and projects.

Univer Manufacturing Namur Valves AC-N


ISO 15407-1 Valves – BD Series | PDF

ISO 5599/1 Valves – BE Series | PDF

Light Series Valves ISO 5599/1 – AE Series | PDF

Miniature Limit Switches – AI Series | PDF

Mixed Threaded Valves – AC Series | PDF

Namur Valves – AC-N Series | PDF

Panel Mount Valves – AI-JET2 Series | PDF

Pneumatic Switches – AI-JET Series | PDF

Poppet Valves – AF Series | PDF

Poppet Valves – AG Series | PDF

Universal Valves – CL/CM Series | PDF

Univer Manufacturing KE200 Cylinders


Microcylinders ISO 6432 – M Series | PDF

Oval Cylinders – OV Series | PDF

Pneumatic Cylinders ISO 15552 – K 160-200 Series | PDF

Pneumatic Cylinders ISO 15552 – K 250-300 Series | PDF

Pneumatic Cylinders ISO 15552 – KE Series | PDF

Pneumatic Rotary Actuators – R Series | PDF

Rodless Cylinders – S1/S5/VL1 Series | PDF

Stainless Steel Cylinders – PM Series | PDF

Stainless Steel Cylinders – PK Series | PDF

Stainless Steel Cylinders – PRM Series | PDF

UNITOP ISO 21287 Compact Cylinders – RP Series | PDF

UNITOP ISO 21287 Compact Cylinders – RM Series | PDF

Univer Manufacturing Telescopic RT Cylinders


Locking Units – L1-N Series | PDF

Telescopic Cylinders – RT Series | PDF