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“Easy to copy the appearance, but impossible to copy the performance and quality”

The Sang-A Pneumatic corporation specialises in the production of pneumatic fittings and tube. Since 1980 they have contributed to the development of the pneumatic automation industry with constant quality improvement and technological innovation. Their products are exported all across the globe from their factory in Korea. Under the vision ” For the professional maker of pneumatic equipment”, they have invested in advanced equipment for higher production capacity and acquired the high technology and the talented manpower for superior quality. They strive to be the best pneumatic equipment maker in the world with the help of their advanced production equipment and technology and to manufacture the high quality products which meet the customers’ demands. They continue to invest in the research and development of pneumatic equipment and production processes. To guarantee various product ranges and the excellent quality, Sang-A apply strict inspection regulations and record data, with the strict process analysis and advanced equipment, and with constant quality control and inspection under international quality regulations.

Fittings and Tubing:


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