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PTM Mechatronics

You can find a list of the PTM Mechatronics products we supply below. For further help or information, or to order a product, please call us on 0191 5214140 or email sales@airlane.co.uk

Eco-Series Stirring Technology

Airlane have promoted PTM Mechatronics for a short while now.  What led us to PTM was their ATEX approved air motors that we have successfully trialed in, in particular, the paint manufacturing and spraying industry.  The motors use piston technology instead of the out dated vane type so offer up to 90% reduction in air consumption, saving electricity and wear & tear on the air compressor.

Energy-efficient stirring technology, ATEX certified for reliably perfect mixing results.

Agitators in their most efficient form

Application appropriate stirring processes.

Best performing results from each impeller when applied correctly to each solution.

Special criteria also taken into consideration.

The eco-Series, with its functional and efficient product portfolio, combined with the development competence of the PTM engineers provide solutions for the most requirements possible, while always keeping pace with the latest trends. All eco-Series products are ATEX-certified and are applicable in ATEX zone 0/1.

The eco-Series comprises only highly efficient products. All drives and agitators consume a minimum of energy while generating the maximum power – without any transmission.

PTM Mechatronics System Agitator - eco

System Agitators – eco | PDF

PTM Stirring Stations

Stirring Stations | PDF


Caps – eco-Cap | PDF

PTM Mechatronics System Agitator - eco-Drive

System Agitators – eco-Drive | PDF

PTM Hand Held Agitators

Hand Held Agitators – eco-Up | PDF


Traverses – eco-Traverse | PDF

PTM Mechatronics System Agitator - eco-TopDrive

System Agitators – eco-TopDrive | PDF

PTM Mechatronics Laboratory Agitators

Laboratory Agitators – eco-Lab | PDF


Impellers | PDF

PTM Mechatronics System Agitator - eco-Seal

System Agitators – eco-Seal | PDF

PTM Mechatronics Quick Change Systems

Quick Change Systems | PDF

PTM Stainless Steel Agitator

Stainless Steel Agitators | PDF

Suction Lances

Suction Lances | PDF