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Metal Work Pneumatic

You can find a list of the Metal Work Pneumatic products we supply below. For further help or information, or to order a product, please call us on 0191 5214140 or email sales@airlane.co.uk

The Metal Work Pneumatic Brand

Airlane have specified Metal Work pneumatic products for many years now and visited their factories in both the UK and Italy to see first-hand the attention to detail and quality involved in the manufacture of their products.  We are impressed with the build quality of the Metal Work pneumatic components.  They are ideally suited to withstand the rigours of modern manufacturing and production environments.

We have specified Metal Work Pneumatic control valves on the modernisation of old machinery when replacing control panels and redesigning control circuits.  We have been involved when customers have looked at updating safety aspects of current environments using monitored dump valves, two-hand safety start valves and rod clamping cylinders, helping with the specification of each component for each application.  We work closely with special purpose machine designers helping them to select pneumatic actuators, air preparation and Valve Island for new applications.

Based in Brescia, Italy, Metal Work Pneumatic specialise in the design and manufacture of pneumatic products for use in industrial automation and manufacturing.

 Metal Work control their complete production and manufacturing process by implementing a vertically integrated company model that constantly strives for perfection.  They manufacture almost their complete product portfolio in-house beginning with the sourcing of raw materials to final assembly and testing.  This philosophy keeps both waste and lead times to a minimum.

The products and production processes continuously improve by critically analysing both production and test data.  The company established, as a guarantee of continuous improvement, “Company Wide Quality Control.”

Total Quality

Metal Work’s philosophy to total quality resulted in gaining ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 1800 certification since 1992, 2000 and 2007 respectively. All of the group companies have this level of certification, continuing the total quality philosophy worldwide.  All products comply with the main regulations, particularly those in Europe, such as the EMC certificate for electromagnetic compatibility.  To give customers quality guarantees all Metal Work specialists are involved with ISO, UNI and ASOFLUID committees.

Series 70 Valves

Standard Valves:

Minivalves – VME-1 Series | PDF

Pedal Operated Valves – PEV Series | PDF

Two Hand Safety Valves – Safe Air Series | PDF

70 Series Valves | PDF

ISO 5599/1 Valves – Safe Air Series | PDF

Safe Air 70 Series Valves | PDF

Valve Island EB80

Valve Islands:

EB80 Electro-Pneumatic System | PDF

EB80 Boxi | PDF

Metal Work Elektro Range

Electric Cylinders and Actuators:

Electric Cylinders Elektro ISO 15552 | PDF

Electric Cylinders Elektro ISO 15552 EK | PDF

Electric Cylinders Elektro Round DC | PDF

Electric Axis – Elektro Shak Series | PDF

Electric Axis – Elektro Shak Gantry Series | PDF

Electric Axis – Elektro SVAK Series | PDF

Electric Axis – Rodless Elektro SK Series | PDF

Belt-Driven Rodless Electric Axis – Elektro BK Series | PDF

Line on Line Series


Line on Line Series | PDF

Pneumatic Logic Elements | PDF

Rotary Joints | PDF

Metal Work ISO 15552 Series Cylinders

Pneumatic Cylinders and Actuators:

ISO 6432 Mini-Cylinders | PDF

ISO 15552 Cylinders – Standard | PDF

ISO 15552 Cylinders – Series 3 | PDF

ISO 15552 Cylinders – HCR Series (High Corrosion Resistance) | PDF

ISO 21287 Compact Cylinders | PDF

Compact Stopper Cylinders | PDF

Compact ISO/UNITOP Cylinders – CMPC Series | PDF

Rodless Cylinders – Standard | PDF

Rodless Cylinders – PU Series | PDF

Stainless Steel ISO 6432 Mini-Cylinders | PDF

Stainless Steel Round Cylinders – RNDC Series | PDF

Stainless Steel ISO 15552 Cylinders | PDF

Rotary Actuators – Series R1 | PDF


Metal Work Syntesi

Air Treatment Units:

Syntesi Series | PDF

ONE Series| PDF