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Mako Lube

You can find a list of the Mako Lube products we supply below. For further help or information, or to order a product, please call us on 0191 5214140 or email sales@airlane.co.uk

Industrial Maintenance Products

Mako Lube Specialist Lubricants are a British company offering quality products and a great value for money.

Mako-Lube’s Food-Tek range provides the most technically advanced lubricants suitable for all sectors within the Food, Beverage, Meat, Dairy, Fruit & Veg, Confectionary and Pharmaceutical Industries. Manufactured to the strictest guidelines and standards. Therefore, offering the assurance of ISO 9000:2015 quality standards, full NSF Registration, Allergen Free and Full External Audit Compliance.

The Indu-Tek lubricants range provides technically advanced lubricants suitable for almost all Industries and applications.

Mako-Lube Specialist Lubricants provides safe, technical cleaning solutions for a wide range of industries, offering the end-user significant advantages in terms of performance, safety and environmental protection. The products offer viable alternatives to some of the hazardous and dangerous products currently used in industry. Safely and effectively clean and prepare new components prior to lubrication, or use to remove grime, dirt, oil and grease residues to gain the most benefit from our advanced lubricants during service and maintenance intervals.

Mako Lube Bio-Tek

Cleaners and Degreasers | PDF

Mako Lube Ultra-Tek

Flourinated Grease | PDF

Mako Lube Food-Tek

Food Grade | PDF

Mako Lube Indu-Tek

Industrial Maintenance | PDF