What was the Problem?

When a Sunderland-based manufacturing company was having issues with the production control systems on one of their lines, they reached out to Airlane Pneumatic’s MD Gary Conlin to come up with a solution to the problem. The one hour consultancy resulted in the customer making savings of over £10,000, by changing their proposed control system of choice – formerly a choice of electronic or electro-pneumatic control – to a system that deployed full pneumatic control.

What was our Solution?

By using full pneumatic control, this not only kept the integrity, safety and the CE marking of the machine intact, but made the installation and deployment of the control extremely straightforward. The simplicity and reliability of the system ensured that checking and demonstrating that the machine was working correctly could be done immediately, with no complex procedures involved. Future-proofing the system was also catered for by using colour-coded pipework, facilitating ongoing tooling changes with simple recommissioning. To support the project and to ensure engineering changes could be carried out in-house if necessary, schematic drawings of the circuit where supplied to go alongside the machine handbook and operating instructions.

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The Airlane Solution

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