What’s in a Name?

The Airlane name came about after research into creating a new brand name.  I wanted ‘air’ in the name, that’s what we use, it had to be there.  The ‘lane’ part was originally to do with the company location at the time.  Then, a web search of various options stumbled upon an instrumental track by Gary Numan called Airlane.  Well, as a huge fan, that was it, the name was kept and, coupled with Pneumatics, led to the formation of the company as it is known.

Alien Pneumatics…?

However, due to spell-checkers and our strong North East accent, we have had many different versions offered to us: – Airline (obviously), Eileen, Aileen, Erline (No, me either), LN Pneumatics and even Alien.  (Alien Pneumatics are out of this world.  Has a ring to it).  Even spelling the name out to people often falls on deaf ears.

Look up a version of the instrumental track Airlane here.   It’s also my ring tone.

Written in the Stars

The photograph image accompanying this post was taken by me on a recent trial flying lesson.  Airlane really do fly.

The logo also has a story.  I wanted my daughter involved somehow.  Further research found her astrological birth sign, Libra, to be a type of Omega sign (Ω) that lent itself to an engineering type logo.  Libra is also an ‘air’ sign, so, it had to be.  Knocked up in about 10 minutes the logo has stuck and will always remain with us.

The Airlane Solution

We work throughout the North East of England and are based in Sunderland.

For more information contact Gary at gary.conlin@airlane.co.uk or visit www.airlane.co.uk

Follow us on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/company/airlane-pneumatics-limited/

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Making Pneumatics Work for You in the North East of England.

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