Selecting Compressed Air Purification to ISO Quality Standards

The International Standard for compressed air purification and quality introduces a simple system of classification for the three main contaminants present in any compressed air system: dirt, oil and water.

To specify the quality class required for a particular application, simply list the class for each contaminant in turn.

For Example:

Compressed air to Quality Class: 2.2.2

(Dirt: 1 micron  Water: -40°C P.D.P  Oil: 0.1mg/m³)

Compressed Air Quality to ISO 8573.1:2010

ISO 8573.1:2010 is the primary documentation from the international standards association organisation (ISO) whom established the compressed air quality standard to facilitate compressed air systems component selection. design and performance measures.

In this standard the three major contaminents in compressed air – particulate, water and oil are categorised by air purity classes (as shown).

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