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Specialist Machine Design & Build

Sometimes, customers come to us with a problem or a specification that needs a specialist machine designed and built to their exact requirements. Airlane works tirelessly to ensure the machine is of the highest standards and can be integrated into the factory or conveyor belt with as little disruption to output as possible. All our panels are built in-house to your specification and come with a colour coded copy of the circuit diagram. An example of one of our most challenging projects is detailed below.

Bitumen Spray Rig

Pictured is the second of 3 machines supplied to our customer. The first machine was a refurbishment of an existing machine.  The original machine had no available information other than the customers own understanding of how the machine operated.  Airlane redesigned the obsolete control system from scratch, installed the new controls, replaced all worn components and returned to the customer ‘as new’. The second machine was used to perform the same operation on a different shaped component.  The Airlane solution included modifying the previously designed control system to suit, design and manufacture the machine and supply as a complete ‘turnkey solution’. The third machine supplied was another variation of the first two machines including modifying the control system and redesigning the machine to fit another different shaped product.  This unit also had to be upgraded to full ATEX approval which we achieved by supplying ATEX approved pneumatic components and increasing the extraction capabilities from the machine enclosures. All machines included safety circuits & interlocks, manual and automatic functions, complied with EHSR regulations and were CE Marked as necessary.

For more information about our past projects, visit our case studies page here.

The Airlane Solution

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