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Hi-Line ConSEP

Hi-Line ConSEP Oil/Water Separators

A new “concept” in environmental treatment of compressor condensate exclusively from Hi-line Industries, the Hi-Line ConSEP Oil/Water Separators! 

New larger, stronger and re-designed oil/water separator offers the most economical, simple, reliable and environmental solution for treating compressor condensate.

The Hi-Line ConSEP oil/water separator, as well as having a larger volume than its competitors, it also has more filtration medium and therefore gives consistent performance and discharge levels. Far lower than UK or European consent levels (less than 5ppm at installation). With no moving parts, no static water and no oil containers, the ConSEP oil/water separator is clean and simple to use, with generally 6-12 months between filter bag services.

With a unique diffuser and carbon filter built into the ConSEP lid, pressurised compressed air from all types of drains can be added to the separator and it is fully functional with all types of compressors and their oils.

The new “blue bag” technology is available to retro fit competitors condensate cleaners in a “copy exact” format.

All bag service kits and ConSEP separators are available for next day delivery.

Hi-line supplies a broad range of energy efficient compressed air equipment which includes Air Dryers, Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators, Compressed Air Filtration equipment, Condensate management/drains and service kits.

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