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elektro Series Electric Cylinder

Electric Cylinder Series Elektro Round DC

In the Elektro round DC electric cylinder, the forward movement of the piston rod is obtained via an acme screw and a self-lubricating technopolymer nut. This piston has a guide ring that is calibrated to minimize the backlash with the cylinder liner and reduce vibration during rotation of the screw. The piston also comes with a magnet for magnetic sensors.

The system is driven by a direct current motor available in two versions, 12 and 24VDC. The position of the motor can be controlled using an optional encoder. A resettable optional fuse can be inserted in the cylinder for motor thermal overload protection, The motor used has a planetary gearbox with a 1/13 or 1/25 ratio.

Depending on the configuration (screw pitch and gear ratio), this cylinder can be either irreversible (supporting the load with the motor off) or reversible under load. It is also available in two versions:

  • with an inline motor, where the motor shaft is connected directly to the screw via coupling
  • with a geared motor, where the transmission of motion is ensured by three cogwheels with a ratio of 1:1

This cylinder is designed for use with IP65 protection rating.

The solutions with the acme screw are generally suitable for applications where the number of operations per time unit is reduced; the degree of accuracy is not particularly high due to heating of the screw-leadscrew assembly; wear over time doe snot create inconveniences, no high forces and speeds are required at the same time.

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