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CKD Air Unit - CXU Series


CKD Air Unit – CXU Series

With its high extensibility, it will meet the demand of machining tools flexibly

A CKD Air unit consists of modularized and integrated various air components which are necessary for pneumatic control and actuator drive between filter regulators and valves. The conventional design and piping man-hour are dramatically changed.

Free layout vertically and horizontally

Vertical and horizontal pipes can be arranged freely. Solenoid valves can also be connected directly. Layout is also easy, with significant reductions in piping layout work.

Change and expand freely

Module connection enables flexible change and expansion of pneumatic components. The unit can be attached/detached from the front of the equipment and is easy to maintain.

Space saving without piping

Ordering a single unit completes the whole work without complicated piping design and piping work. Space saving and well organised without piping and tube. Installation of individual devices is not necessary and therefore no installation dimension error due to tightening pipe occur.

High Quality

No screw-in part is included and therefore external leakage can be prevented. Entry of foreign matter during piping can also be prevented.


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Pressure Sensor with twin display (PPX Series)


The ‘current value’ and ‘set value’ of the pressure can be displayed simultaneously, the sensor state can be checked ‘at a glance’ with the 3-colour display. You can select a mode according to your intended use.


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