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Control Panel Design and Build

We undertake the design of an Airlane control panel with several conditions in mind. The application environment dictates the enclosure construction and material. We ensure clarity of piping by using different coloured tubing for ease of identification. Internal wiring is clearly numbered and fitted with crimped ends. The ease of access to components is made by drilling and tapping back plates, with signage and labelling made to suit both the application and environment. We mount air preparation equipment internally or externally on the panel. Documentation includes a schematic diagram, full bill of materials and re-order form. All of the internal tubing is colour matched to any of your external piping runs. The finished control panel can be to your machinery, an adjoining wall or purpose built stand, the possibilities are endless!

Still not convinced? Read on for a case study from one of our biggest control panel jobs!

What Was the Issue?

Our customer supplies bitumen products to local contractors carrying out major roadworks in the area. Deliveries need to be very frequent and on time to avoid the possibility of any penalty payments.

The pneumatic control panel that operated the bitumen processing plant was 30+ years old. The doors of the panel were damaged and open to elements so, in the summer it got hot and dusty, in the winter cold and wet or frozen. The control valves were old technology, expensive, on long lead times and difficult to replace. This made the plant very unreliable and caused damage to very expensive heavy duty cylinders. These cylinders, again, were on long lead times and difficult to replace easily.

Production loses and possible penalties, due to increased down time, were all too frequent.

Making Pneumatics Work for You

Airlane designed, built and supplied a brand new, modern control panel fitted with smaller, more efficient valves. The valves were an ISO type valve, so are readily available from numerous sources. They also had higher flow rates than the older valves, allowing us to use a smaller size. The valves were a less than a quarter of the cost of the older original units.

The enclosure was kept to the same size as the original to match existing mounting holes. The panel doors now locked with an IP6:5 rating, stopping the ingress of dust and water. We included a thermostatically controlled panel heater to prevent freezing during the winter months.

The bulkhead outlets we are also matched to the original enclosure to keep the installation time to a minimum.

The downtime was virtually eliminated. No nasty bills to repair damaged cylinders. Cheaper, readily available spares. Production efficiency improved.

Another two control panels were then commissioned to control other parts of the quarry processing function with similar improvements to plant reliability and efficiency.

The Airlane Solution

We work throughout the North East of England and are based in Sunderland.

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