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Bespoke Parts Design

Airlane Pneumatics are able to supply a broad range of energy efficient compressed air treatment equipment for all types of Industries, i.e. food, beverage, medical, general manufacturing and engineering, quarrying & mining, agriculture & dairy, automotive, breathing air, laser cutting, packaging, garage services. Working closely with both the manufacturer and our customer we are specialists in specifying and installing innovative Desiccant and Refrigerant Air dryers, Filter Housings, Nitrogen/Oxygen Separators and Condensate Systems.

We offer both a standard range and bespoke range built to suit your specific application. Read on to find out how we designed and built a bespoke Y-Piece for a local quarry.

What was the Issue?

At a local quarry, as the abrasive stone material was transferred to the batching plant along steel pipework it caused localised wear of, in particular, a Y-piece transfer tube. The tube would invariably fail at the angle where the material was switched from one line to another. The resultant hole caused loss of product, dust contamination issues and inaccurate batch weights.

How Did Airlane Help?

Airlane designed, manufactured and supplied a new ‘Y’ – piece. After measuring the original pipework installation and sourcing flanges to match the existing installation we had the new piece manufactured to suit and ensure minimum downtime during the installation. The original weak point had an additional box fully welded around it. As the product eventually wore through the original pipework weak point the stone product filled the box forming a barrier inside it against further wear and tear.

The pipework was supplied along with new pneumatically operated knife gate valves to complete the upgrade. The knife gate valves were supplied with position sensors to give the control room operators feedback as to which valves were open or closed. If the sensors weren’t signalling as expected it gave the operator some indication as to a fault or problem with the process.

The wear issues due to the abrasive material were eliminated, with no more waste product leaking through holes and more accurate batch weights. 

Bespoke Pneumatic Y-Piece

The Airlane Solution

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