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Creating Specialist Solutions

Over the years, Airlane has manufactured several bespoke pneumatic components for customers. We get involved usually when either the original part is obsolete and replacements don’t fit, a special application needs something designed to fit into a particular envelope or, simply, the original part is only available on an extended lead time and we are asked to provide an alternative solution. To find out how we can help you with any engineering issues you may have please call us on 0191 5214140. Alternatively, visit our engineering page here.

Read more about some of our work with bespoke pneumatic components below!



Reverse Engineering

Granular material suction nozzles that were difficult to source were reverse engineered by Airlane and supplied on short lead times.  The first prototype proved the design and, after a few minor developments, several more units were produced.

Bespoke Replacements

An obsolete cylinder fitted to a production machine was replaced with a standard, modern, cylinder with its own bespoke mounting attached.  This allowed the cylinder to be fitted into the existing machine without any rework saving re-engineering costs and down-time. No changing mounting positions and redrilling holes. Simply remove the worn item and fit the bespoke assembly

Long Lead Times

A specialist solution was called for when Airlane was asked to specify a cylinder to fit into a particular envelope but had to be supplied within days not weeks. Standard cylinders on short lead times were modified by fitting rod extensions and flow controls. All designed, assembled and tested in our workshops.

The Airlane Solution

We work throughout the North East of England and are based in Sunderland.

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