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Pneumatic Control Specialists

Over 30 years of specialist experience helping you to maintain and upgrade manufacturing and automation processes with the innovative use of process, electro-pneumatic and pneumatic control equipment.

Making Pneumatics Work for You

By engaging with Airlane you get the right component at the right time.  We believe in supplying the best pneumatics for your issue as quickly as possible.

There are several advantages to you using compressed air as an energy source.  The components are relatively inexpensive and pneumatic control accuracy will cover most applications, whether your application is in the automotive industry, food or pharmaceuticals for life saving drugs and medicines and everywhere in between.

However, specifying the correct components can be a huge task when presented with the huge tomes manufacturers refer to as basic catalogues.

Having worked with and alongside the world’s largest manufacturers, Airlane are well placed to offer advice and pricing when specifying pneumatic or process control components needed to run your application efficiently.

Pneumatic Control Circuit Design
Pneumatic Control Panel Build

Making the Complicated Simple

Airlane believe in keeping our pneumatic applications accurate, robust and, above all, simple.  Working with Airlane you have the confidence that what you ask for, regardless of the complexity, is what you get, nothing more, nothing less.

There are many questions asked about pneumatic control including how big, how fast or slow, what pressure, what size and ‘how can I get this to do that’?  Pneumatics and pneumatic control is a series of simple building blocks that link together to create robust and operational automated machinery.

By understanding your application, Airlane offer pneumatic sequence circuit design.  We take your sequence, any adjustable parameters and factor in health and safety considerations to produce reliable, repeatable and, ultimately, safe circuit designs for any application.

Still unsure what to do with this box of components?  By asking Airlane to build the circuit into a purpose built enclosure to your specification we guaranteed that the circuit we design for you is installed correctly, all components and the control sequence rigorously tested before delivery to site and supplied fully labelled with instructions and circuit diagram for ease of operator use.

For examples on how we really do ‘make the complicated simple’, visit our case studies page here.